Charlotte Clay


Weekend Nannies Founder

Whilst running Weekend & Vacation Nannies, she also puts her Art School background to good use by planning fun & creative child-friendly areas for weddings and any other event. 

Alice Phelps

Alice Phelps .jpg

Weekend Nannies Musican

Our talented Manchester based musician and trainee music leader for 'Orchestra live' has the experience of hosting Early Years music groups in Leeds. She's excited to be offering weekly themed music sessions for young children. 



Weekend Nannies Sleep Guru

Whilst working as a super nanny, she is also an early years sleep consultant, who provides gentle sleep coaching to families and carers. 


Weekend Nannies Primary


Our enthusiastic travelling teacher uses her teaching background to share tips on how to help your children learn from home. 


Weekend Nannies Norlander

Representing Norland College, Hannah will be sharing tips and advice gained through studying to become a qualified Norland Nanny. 

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