Has lock-down interrupted your infants sleep pattern?

Lottie, our early years sleep consultant specialises in 'sleep' whilst also working as a holiday nanny for Vacation Nannies . Last summer, she kindly had an interview with our sister site, Vacation Nannies. You can read the introductory blog here.

Lottie is a trained and qualified childcare professional who has always wanted to do something specialised that would enable her to support families in the local


Whilst Lottie worked in a suburb of North Leeds as a nanny to six bright and wonderful children, it became clear to her that ‘sleep deprivation’ was on many parents agendas. From this experience, she wanted to learn new skills to enable her to support these families. Therefore, she went on to train in this specific area to add to her existing BA Early Childhood studies. As a nanny who is passionate about child development, she is constantly training to enhance the skills she has and gain further knowledge.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, Lottie appreciates that sleep deprivation, combined with looking after your children all day might, get too much for some so is therefore offering a discounted gentle sleep consultancy offer for parents and carers of babies and young children.

"It is a £20 consultation. This includes a pre- consultation phone call/ video call, a consultation for an hour followed by 8 weeks of on going support. You may contact me via my Facebook page, or via Weekend Nannies."

To keep up to date with useful information related to early years, follow Lottie on Facebook: lottiehanesconsultancy

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