Let's Get Creative! Week 1: All things Rainbows!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Following on from the cheerful rainbows we've been seeing pop-up in windows around the UK, I thought 'All thing rainbows' would be a great theme to start with!

As a norm, I would be encouraging the use of pasta, rice, oats and other dried food for baby sensory and craft ideas. However, I think we can all agree that it isn't the time to be wasting our precious food we've queued over an hour for! So instead, get saving your toilet rolls, wine corks, bottle tops, tonic bottles and any other food wrappers you consider suitable for an infant or child to play/craft with. Be resourceful, but also please make sure it's safe for young children and especially babies!

I would love to see photos of your children's creations, so we are going to be running a weekly competition to try and get as many children (and adults) involved as we can! All you have to do is upload photos and tag Weekend Nannies on social media for me to see! There will be winners announced for the best creations every Sunday, with craft pack prizes to be won, along with half price babysitting vouchers for local parents in the Yorkshire area! I know you will all be in need of a night out by the end of this pandemic!

Here are the activities we have planned for the week ahead, scroll down for toddler friendly activities and baby sensory. All activities can be simplified, please email me if you need any help!

I'm also offering 'virtual' sensory craft making sessions to any parents who would like some company whilst their baby is asleep (or awake) and you'd like to get creative! This offer is also open to children who would like help with any of the activities below, you could even ask a friend if they would like to join in!


Big Kids activities:

Rainbow Wind-Chime:

What you need:

Tin can/ toilet roll / paper cup

* If you choose a can, be careful of the edge!

Rainbow coloured paper or coloured cellophane

White paper (if using cellophane)

Rainbow pom-poms



Brightly coloured ribbon

Sticky tape

Glue stick


Old CD's (optional)

Glue gun*

* Adult supervision required for any threading or use of a hot glue gun!

1) Choose your wind- chime base, it might be a tin can, toilet roll or paper cup!

* If you are using cellophane like I did, I would suggest covering it with plain paper first to show off the rainbow colours.

2) Work out how many strips of colour you would like on your wind-chime. Cut out these strips, or over lay to create a rainbow.

* I would lay out the coloured sheets and line the can up next to it, making sure all the widths fit the length of the can.

3) Using sticky tape, stick one end of the paper to the can and wrap around. Stick securely with tape.

* I tried to line the tape marks up at the back to keep it neat.

4) As an option, you can glue some cotton wool around the bottom of the can to create clouds.

5) Now it's time to add the 'chimes'. I threaded my pom-poms onto colourful ribbons, (don't forget to back-stitch!) but you can use hot glue gun* to secure the pom-poms to the ribbon if you find sewing too tricky. Alternatively, you can use coloured paper, or cellophane and cut out strip to hang in the wind. You could even ask your parents if they have any old CD's you can use as a chime and see the rainbow colours appear when the sun shines on them. Whatever you choose to hang, use sticky tape on the inside to make sure the strips are fastened securely.

* Make sure your needle goes through the centre of the pom-pom, otherwise the thread won't stay in place. If you would like a sewing lesson, I'm more than happy to help.

* Another tip:

Lay-out the pom-poms on the ribbon first, so you can see all the pretty colours you've chosen before sewing them down. Take a photo to help guide you.

We can't wait to see your finished Rainbow wind-chimes!

Don't forget to take a photo!


Stain-Glass Rainbow Plates

What you need:

x3 Paper plates

Rainbow coloured cellophane sheets


Glue stick


Coloured thread/ribbon

* This activity can be made as simple or as challenging as you wish!

1) Start off by drawing a rainbow (or any other block shape) on the plate.

2) Cut out around the line to create a cut-out silhouette*, lay the second plate underneath and draw around the cut-out to make a second cut-out silhouette. Put this second plate to one side for later.

* Cut a hole through the middle first, then cut towards the lines to make a neat cut out.

3) Lay out the coloured cellophane to see what design you would like to create before you cut out / stick down the cellophane.

* You might want to take a photo of it, to use it as a guide when sticking the strips down.

4) Cut the strips out and glue around the edge of the rainbow. Carefully stick down the strips, to create your design. It might be easier for you to glue, over lap the coloured sheets and repeat until you have used all your colours.

* I trimmed around the edges after gluing the strips down.

5) Once you're happy with your design, use sticky tape to stick down some ribbon from where you would like hang it from. Now glue around the whole edge of the plate and rainbow. Place your extra plate with the cut-on on top, making sure the shapes line up.

* I placed a plain plate on top to press down firmly, without making a mess of the stain-glass window.

6) Your stain-glass window is now finished! Why not hang it in your window, or parents office window to brighten up their day!

* Don't forget to take a photo!


Customised Pom-Pom Headband

What you need



Strong glue / Copy-dex

Glue gun

If you have a hand-band you would like to customise, then this activity is perfect!

1) Choose which pom-poms you would like to decorate your headband with.

2) Using PVA glue, or even better Copy-dex, blob glue onto each pom pom and attach it to the head-band. I put some glue on a paper plate and blobbed as I went.

* You might find that the pom-pom's don't stick very well! If they don't, ask for adult supervision with a hot glue gun! You choose where they go and the adult sticks them on!

4) Make the most of all your pom-poms and design your headbands using big and small pom-poms.

5) Now you have finished your hand-band, leave to dry and then try it on!

* Please let me know if you'd like to learn other ways of customising your clothes or accessories!


Simple rainbow painting

What you need:

x1 Paper plate

Rainbow paints

Cotton wool

Paint brushes

Water pot

Paint palette


Glue stick

This is a simple painting activity for all ages.

1) Cut your paper paint in half and choose your rainbow paints

2) Paint the rainbow however you wish, whether is in arches, stripes or blobs!

3) Let the paint dry and add glue to the bottom of your rainbow, you can add then cotton wool clouds.

4) There you have your rainbow painting!

* This might be a nice gift to post to your Grandparents.


Rainbow Science!

What you need:

x 4 clear cups/glasses

x 4 coffee filters

Rainbow coloured felt pens

Camera to video!

This is a fun activity for older children, to see what happens when you put coloured coffee filters into water! I used one line of colour, but I'd love to see what happens when mix colours and try it at home?

1) Colour a strip of colour towards the tip end of your coffee filter, you can colour the whole end in, or just a stripe.

*My pens have been ruined by a toddler, so they didn't work very well to colour in the whole bottom, but I would recommend doing a really think line of colour for maximum effect!

2) Fill the glasses with water, about 1/3 full.

3) Now it's time to line up your glasses of water and put the colour coffee filters in, tip end first. See what happens to the colours!

*It might be cool to record this.

4) If you have any white flowers you're allowed to pick, you can do this experiment using white flowers and diluted food colouring in the glasses.

*What else can you change colour!?

5) Leave the glasses all day to see what happens. Which colours works the best?

I'll look forward to seeing your results!


Little'ies activities

Rainbow Sponge Painting

What you need:

Apron, if they'll wear one!

Lining paper

Rainbow coloured paints

Roller sponges/sponges


Wet flannel!

This is a really nice activity for early year aged children to explore colour. My vision was to blob down some rainbow paints and for Robyn (my niece who will be featured a lot in these blogs!) to roll out the colours and create beautiful rainbow lines.

* The reality was me letting her explore colour by choosing which paints she'd like to add and rolling away with the sponge roller and using other tools to create marks. Thankfully, I managed to rescue it just before it turned into a nice muddy creation!

1) Get prepared for a messy paint activity! Wet flannel at the ready and a mat down if the weather isn't nice enough to be outside!

2) Set-up the area and talk about colours and rainbows, so they have an idea of what you would like them to create!!

* Wishful thinking!

3) Start by blobbing a line of colour for them to start rolling, I waited until Robyn asked for more colours to be added and asked her to choose which ones.

* If you don't have sponge rollers, you can create a sponge/stamper by using the end of an empty toilet roll, wine corks or bubble wrap scrunched and taped into a ball makes a good sponge too!

4) Leave them to it!

* Rescue it before it turns to sludge!

5) I let the paint dry, then cut out a rainbow arch to put in the window to help cheer-up our elderly neighbours.

Don't forget to take a photo!


Rainbow Handprints

What you need:

Apron, if they'll wear one!

Lining paper

Rainbow paints

Paint brush


Wet flannel!

This is a really nice activity for all all ages, especially early years to explore colour. Again, I had a beautiful vision of me and Robyn making beautiful coloured handprints to make a rainbow arch.

* The reality was Robyn choosing the paint colours and me having my hand painted! We both still had lots of fun singing and painting!

1) Get prepared to get messy! Wet flannel at the ready!

2) Talk about what you're going to make and start painting your little ones hands, if they'll let you! Or you can blob paint onto a plate and they can print themselves.

* My activity didn't go quite to plan, so it ended up with Robyn painting my hand!

3) Use as many colours as you like to create the arch, make sure you rescue it at a good time and don't let them escape without washing their hands!!!

4) Leave the paint to dry and cut out to make a lovely rainbow arch to put in your window.

Don't forget to take photo!


Baby sensory activities

I've loved making these, so much so I'm going to start hosting baby sensory craft making sessions for any parent's who would like some company whilst they baby craft! You don't want to hear me singing, so it's the next best thing I can offer! If you are struggling with resources such as laminate sheets, please let me know as I have a stash I'm happy to post!

These sensory tray, bags and bottles are a relaxing way to keep babies and toddlers entertained whilst you either play/sing with them, or catch up on a few emails/phone calls with friends. Sensory play is a great way for them to learn about texture, sounds and colours. Whilst also developing motor skills, whilst picking up different sized pom-poms for example.

I have been debating whether or not to use any dried food, but my decision was answered for me as I could only find a tiny bag of pasta at the shops, so I've decided to use it carefully!! In the past, I have dyed pasta various colours to create themed sensory boxes, but for Covid-19 sensory play, I am going to use plain pasta so they can be used for every theme!

Rainbow Sensory tray

What you need:

Anything rainbow coloured!

Dried pasta

Coloured cellophane

Pom-poms (large and medium)

Bubble wrap

Any coloured blocks/shapes

Coloured ribbon

Coloured tissue paper

1) I lined my wooden tray with rainbow wrapping paper (face down) and used the off cuts to make scrunchy paper balls, I made and photographed a variety of sensory trays using what I have, just to give you some inspiration.

2) For another sensory activity, I have been cutting out cellophane circles, so thought it would be nice to use the off cuts as a base for the sensory tray. You can also use shredded paper (brightly coloured if you have the time to shred some fresh coloured paper!?) Infants love texture and colour.

3) I looked through Robyn's toys and found some colourful wooden shapes to add to the tray. I'm sure you will be able to find some nicely coloured textured toys to add to your tray too!

4) If you would some music to listen to whilst enjoying these rainbow sensory trays, we have a themed music time post every Wednesday, with my very talented friend Alice who is kindly posting us her music for us all to enjoy and sing along to. Until Wednesday, we have a playlist to share.

I'd love to see photos of your creation and your babies enjoying lots of rainbow fun!

Rainbow bottles or bags

What you need:

Hot iron

Tea towel

Laminate sheets or zip-lock bag

Sharpie pens

Small plastic bottles

Coloured pom-poms

Coloured pipe cleaners


These are really easy to make, you just need to make sure they're sealed properly! I often use a bit of food colouring to make them a nice colour, but as supermarkets have limited stock at the moment, I've stuck with simple H20!

*I decided to draw a rainbow on one of my sheets, if you have a Sharpie, or maker pen, this could be quite a nice idea.

1) Decide what you would like to use to fill your sensory bag or bottle with. If you're making these with a toddler, it could be fun to do it together.

2) With a hot iron, press around the edges of the laminate sheet, making sure the open end doesn't get sealed. Please take note of the photo below, I lined up the edge of the tea towel with the laminate sheet so I knew where the edge was. (The first time I pressed the whole sheet flat!!) Alternatively, you can use a zip lock bag and strong tape to make sure it stays sealed.

* You an always re-press if any water droplets do leak out!

3) Now your bag is ready to fill with coloured pom-poms and or coloured pipe cleaners. It's often nice to make a few different ones. So for example, fill one bag with chopped up pipe cleaners and the other with pom-poms.

*If you do have food colouring, now is the time to add a few splashes.

4) Now add water, I would fill it about 1/3 full, you don't want it to balloon.

5) Very carefully, seal the top. First of all, making sure all the air is out of the bag and hold the bag against the ironing board to be pressed.

6) Give the bag a shake and a squeeze, making sure there are no leaks! If you have used a small bottle, tape of super glue around the lid to avoid removal!

If you have enjoyed my blog, please follow me on my social media platforms to keep up to date with what we are up to! You can also visit my Pinterest page, where I will be sharing a themed board every week with lots of other ideas and inspiration!

Have fun and stay home!

If you have an event or wedding in the future and would like an activity area, or childcare to be planned and created, please get in touch for more details.

*Evening Babysitting offer based on 4 hours!

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