Let's Get Creative! Week 4: It's a Pirate Life!

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

As we start our forth week in lockdown (correct me if I've lost count!), I thought it would be fun to welcome in the theme 'It's a Pirate Life', who doesn't love a good pirate party?!

Time to dig out your best pirate tops and eye patches 'me hearties'! Let's set sail to Weekend Nannies treasure island for the week!

We have loads of activities to share with you this this week, a few that my niece and I have enjoyed and loads more on the Pinterest page, where you'll find the 'Week 4: It's a Pirate Life' board and lots of fun projects for children of all ages. From baby pirate sensory bags to play dough and 'Talk like a Pirate' sheets, I have 'pinned' a wide range of activities for every child in your household to enjoy!

I always try to recycle / up cycle as many materials, fabrics as possible when crafting. So, it was great to see the 'Zero waste Leeds' post shared by North Leeds Mumbler over the weekend, where they are running a fantastic initiative throughout lockdown and wanting to see everyones zero waste crafting, all you have to do it tag #zerowastecrafts! I made full use of our cardboard recycling last week and went pretty big with our pirate creation! Scroll down to see the activity.

If you are new to my blog, I also post a themed Youtube video to my social media platforms every Wednesday from my very talented musician friend Alice Phelps, who specialises in string instruments and is currently the 'music trainee music leader' for Orchestra live. Since being in isolation, Alice has kindly shared her music sessions with us; focussing on little ones aged 1-4yrs.

Weekend Nannies specialises in temporary child care. So therefore, if you are thinking of a wedding, holiday or any other event where children are invited and you may need a hand with child care, then please contact Charlotte to see how Weekend Nannies can help!

Our wedding and event packages can include anything from a themed kids area and party bags, to an arts and craft zone, or simply a private nanny for the bride and groom's children. Please email for more information.


Big Kids Activities:

Talk like a Pirate!

What you need:

Your best pirate accent!

Fancy dress optional!

1) Find your favourite 'Talk like a Pirate' sheet over on my Pinterest page.

2) Get the family dressed up like pirates for the day.

3) 'Talk like a Pirate' house rules to be made and look at our Pinterest board for loads of activity inspiration!

Activity credit: http://www.ninjamomdesigns.com/


Cardboard Pirate Ship!

What you need:

Lots of cardboard recyling!

Strong tape / duck tape

Sharp scissors/stanley knife

Any old plastic bottles


Adult supervision!

1) Scroll down, watch the video and follow the steps!

2) Design your pirate ship, or what ever you choose to create from cardboard!

3) Raid the recycling! - Pirate costume optional!

4) Lay out your boxes in the garden and make a plan of attack

5) Score your boxes open and turn inside out so the labels are on the inside and the plain cardboard is visible.

6) Using strong sticky tape, start making your ship! If you would like the boxes to bend where there isn't a fold, you may need to score the card - Ask an adult to help!

7) Make use of any other recycling you may think is suitable for your creation - Large plastic beer bottles make great boyes or cannons!

8) Once you're happy with your model, add as much paint as you like! A marker or Sharpie could be a good option. I used left over wall paint!

9) You might want to raid the fabric box to find a sail?

10) Now it's time to set sail! Don't forget to tag #zerowastecrafts and share your photos with us too!

All Ages!

Frozen Treasure Hand!

What you need:

Rubber glove

Rubber band

Food colouring

'Treasure' - Buttons, beads, sequins etc

Food colouring (Pirate colour)

Eco glitter - Optional

This is a great activity to do with children aged 2 and over. The original theme for this activity was 'Frozen' , which was a popular Early years activity when I worked for a short time at Nursery Rhymes in Addingham.

1) Find a washing up glove / rubber glove and fill with water, stop just before the 'wrist'.

2) If you would like it to be 'magic' then you can do this part without the children involved! However, my niece loved helping me make our magic hand! We used old buttons, sequins and beads, then added a few drops of red food colouring.

3) Tie the end of the hand with a knot, or rubber band.

*Fold the end over and double band so it doesn't leak!

4) Pop your hand in a freezer bag (in case it leaks) and find a place for the magic to happen in the freezer! Robyn got really excited doing this, we called it a magic treasure hand!

5) I would leave to freeze hand overnight, or make it early morning ready for late afternoon!

6) Take the hand out of the freezer and cut the glove of the ice, a few fingers may fall off when you do this!!

7) We put ours in a washing up tub and gradually added warmish water to watch the magical treasure appear when the ice melted. Robyn was really excited to see this happen and we stirred it like a potion when it had all melted! She said, 'Where's the hand gone!?' and wants to make another one!

Have fun!

Toilet Roll Parrot!

What you need:

Toilet roll

Coloured card

Paint - optional!


Googley eyes

PVA Glue

Sticky Tape

A classic toilet roll craft activity! We thought our pirate ship needed a parrot, so we made one out of toilet roll!

1) Wrap the toilet roll in coloured card, or paint!

2) Using PVA, stick on the feathers, wings and anything else you have to make a parrot!

3) Add your googley eyes!

Little'ies Activities!

Sand-pit Treasure Hunt!

What you need:

Sand pit

Coloured cellophane

or Sweet wrappers

Beads/small stones

Pirate fabric

Lolly pop sticks

Toy boat

Fruit netting

Netted fabric

My little niece loved her egg hunt last week, so much so we have had a mini one most days with her left overs!! So she really enjoyed this activity. Especially as it involved not carting the sand around the garden!! Does anyone else's children do this?!

1) Create your treasure island sand pit! I used some fruit bag netting, some other pirate fabric/netting I obviously had in my fabric box! I also found a little boat to use a pirate ship etc. There are loads of really great ideas over on Pinterest, I've 'pinned' a few for you to see.

2) I covered some large beads in coloured cellophane and buried them! You could use anything, maybe even left over little eggs??!

*What you use will depend on the age of your child/what they like to put in their mouths etc! So please be careful!

3) Start the treasure hunt!! We only have a small sand pit, but this would be a great game in a larger one!

I could carry on and make hundreds of Pirate themed crafts, but for now I will leave you with these and our Pinterest board: 'Week 4- It's a Pirate Life!' and really hope you have been inspired by my activities. If you have a theme in mind, we'd love to hear from you!


Baby sensory activities

I love making baby sensory bags and bottles, they are really easy to make as long as you have the resources!

Sensory tray, bags and bottles are a relaxing way to keep babies and toddlers entertained. Sensory play is a great way for them to learn about texture, sounds and colours, whilst also developing their early motor skills.

My niece loved the sensory tray/sand pit treasure hunt I made for her, so if you're feeling brave - the sand pit (depending one size!) could be a nice base in this sunny weather we are having!

I have 'pinned' a collection of Pirate themed baby sensory trays/bags and bottles over on the Pinterest page. We would love to see photos of any baby pirates!! Please email to Hello@weekendnannies.co.uk

Sensory bottles or bags!

What you need:

Hot iron

Tea towel

Laminate sheets or zip-lock bag

Sharpie pens

Small plastic bottles

Coloured pom-poms

Coloured pipe cleaners


These are really easy to make, you just need to make sure they're sealed properly! I often use a bit of food colouring to make them a nice colour, but as supermarkets have limited stock at the moment, I've stuck with simple H20!

1) Decide what you would like to use to fill your sensory bag or bottle with. If you're making these with a toddler, it could be fun to do it together.

*Just make sure whatever you use is water resistant, coloured cellophane for example dyes the water!

2) With a hot iron, press around the edges of the laminate sheet, making sure the open end doesn't get sealed. Please take note of the photo below, I lined up the edge of the tea towel with the laminate sheet so I knew where the edge was. (The first time I pressed the whole sheet flat!!) Alternatively, you can use a zip lock bag and strong tape to make sure it stays sealed.

* You an always re-press if any water droplets do leak out!

3) Now your bag is ready to fill with coloured pom-poms and or coloured pipe cleaners. It's often nice to make a few different ones. So for example, fill one bag with chopped up pipe cleaners and the other with pom-poms.

*If you do have food colouring, now is the time to add a few splashes.

4) Now add water, I would fill it about 1/3 full, you don't want it to balloon.

5) Very carefully, seal the top. First of all, making sure all the air is out of the bag and hold the bag against the ironing board to be pressed.

6) Give the bag a shake and a squeeze, making sure there are no leaks! If you have used a small bottle, tape of super glue around the lid to avoid removal!

If you have enjoyed my blog, please follow Weekend Nannies on our social media platforms to keep up to date with what we are up to! You can also visit my Pinterest page, where I will be sharing a themed board every week with lots of other ideas and inspiration!

Stay tuned for Wednesdays Youtube post:

Weekend Nannies Presents - Music sessions with Alice Phelps 'It's a Pirate Life'

Click here to watch last week's Easter Egg-stravaganza music session!

Have fun and stay home!

Weekend Nannies specialises in temporary child care. So therefore, if you are thinking of a wedding, holiday or any other event where children are invited and you may need a hand with child care, then please contact Charlotte to see how Weekend Nannies can help!

Our wedding and event packages can include anything from a themed kids area and party bags, to an arts and craft zone, or simply a private nanny for the bride and groom's children. Please email for more information.

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