Let's Get Creative! Week 5: Down in the Jungle!

What another glorious week of weather we've had! I hope everyone had fun on Weekend Nannies treasure Island!? As the weather is now looking pretty grim, we thought we'd bring the sunshine inside this week and welcome in week 5's theme, 'Down in the Jungle'.

This week, I have mostly been inspired by Mini Mad Things, a wonderful Instagram page I follow. As someone who has worked as a nanny for almost a decade, I love their ethos of highlighting how important learning through play is and encouraging children to use their imagination to 'make, create and play' using mainly recycled and natural materials. Every week, they have a guest host who chooses a theme for children (and adults!) to be inspired by. They also have a fabulous fancy dress page on their website and all ethically crafted - I wish they had adult sizes!

Last week their #MakeCreatePlay theme was sticks, so we headed down to the woods on our daily walk and picked up our favourite looking sticks, all ready to decorate. Think of the stick the baboon monkey has in the Lion King, mixed with a totem pole??? That's what we made! We took our stick back to the local wood and hid it amongst the other beautifully painted rocks and 'rainbow sticks' we've seen on our woodland trail. We can't wait to paint more. Maybe you can start a rainbow stick hunt in your local area? As well as the stick theme, we have also been inspired by the other themes 'Mini Mad Things' share and have created our very own junk modelled crocodile! If you don't already, head over to their Instagram, give them a follow and tag any activities you are inspired by with #makecreateplay. As well as the activities below, we also have lots more over on our Pinterest board.

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What animal lives in your jungle?

What you need:


Sticky tape

Paper/packaging paper


Paint brushes

After seeing various ideas on Pinterest, I raided the recycling to create this junk model crocodile! It's amazing what you can create from recycling! What jungle animal can you make from your recycling?

Totem Stick!

What you need:

Log or stick

Acrylic paint/paint


Paint brushes

This is a lovely outdoor activity. Robyn and I collected sticks in the wood and bought them home to paint. My 2 year old niece Robyn enjoyed blobbing lots of coloured paint on hers, it ended up a nice sparkly blue!

I used acrylic paint for mine and wound yarn around to add a nice texture. We are joining in with the Meanwood community and hiding our sticks on the local woodland trail where there are lots of beautifully painted rocks, sticks and rainbow painted slates have been hidden.


Make a toilet roll Elephant!

What you need:

Toilet roll



Adult supervision!

I'm sure everyone has lots of toilet rolls they can use for this activity! This is most suitable for older children - as the lines are to be scored with a scalpel and folded, but this can be easily adapted for younger children and made into a cut and stick and paint activity!

I drew my design first, then carefully used a scalpel and scissors to cut out the shapes, fold out and create the elephant face. As an option, you can paint. Older kids can make these more detailed!

Stick Bugs

What you need:


Googley eyes/alternative

Pipe cleaners


Paint (optional)

A Mini Mad Things, stick inspired activity. Create your bug (or snake) by wrapping colourful wool around your stick until you are happy, then add eyes. Think 'Bug's Life'!

Photo credit: Mini Mad Things

Make your own Jungle Shaker!

What you need:

Toilet Roll/Kitchen Roll


Sticky Tape

Colouring pens/paint

Decorating thing!

If you have been watching our 'Music Sessions with Alice Phelps' over on Youtube, you'll know she loves a good shaker! So, why not make a jungle themed one for this weeks session? Really easy and you can decorate them however you wish! Look out for our post on Wednesday!

Egg carton lizard!

What you need:

Egg cartons



Paint brushes


Pipe cleaners

I didn't have enough non squashed egg cartons to make my own version of this lizard!

I haven't seen how this was created, so I'm going to share with you my own interpretation of how it's made! I would individually paint each egg carton in your chosen colours, thread a pipe cleaner through the points of the cut up egg cartons and stack them on top of each other, adding PVA glue to make them stick together as you go. Leaving the one with the longest point for the nose! Make a tail and feet from the egg carton lid. Take a photo and don't forget to take #MakeCreatePlay

Have fun!

I could carry on and make hundreds of Jungle themed crafts, but for now I will leave you with these and our Pinterest board: 'Week 5 - Down in the Jungle' and really hope you have been inspired by my activities.


Baby sensory activities

I love making baby sensory bags and bottles, they are really easy to make as long as you have the resources!

Sensory tray, bags and bottles are a relaxing way to keep babies and toddlers entertained. Sensory play is a great way for them to learn about texture, sounds and colours, whilst also developing their early motor skills.

My niece loved the sensory tray/sand pit treasure hunt I made for her, so if you're feeling brave - the sand pit (depending one size!) could be a nice base in this sunny weather we are having!

I have 'pinned' a collection of themed baby sensory trays/bags and bottles over on the Pinterest page. Please email to Hello@weekendnannies.co.uk

Sensory bottles or bags!

What you need:

Hot iron

Tea towel

Laminate sheets or zip-lock bag

Sharpie pens

Small plastic bottles

Coloured pom-poms

Coloured pipe cleaners


These are really easy to make, you just need to make sure they're sealed properly! I often use a bit of food colouring to make them a nice colour, but as supermarkets have limited stock at the moment, I've stuck with simple H20!

1) Decide what you would like to use to fill your sensory bag or bottle with. If you're making these with a toddler, it could be fun to do it together.

*Just make sure whatever you use is water resistant, coloured cellophane for example dyes the water!

2) With a hot iron, press around the edges of the laminate sheet, making sure the open end doesn't get sealed. Please take note of the photo below, I lined up the edge of the tea towel with the laminate sheet so I knew where the edge was. (The first time I pressed the whole sheet flat!!) Alternatively, you can use a zip lock bag and strong tape to make sure it stays sealed.

* You an always re-press if any water droplets do leak out!

3) Now your bag is ready to fill with coloured pom-poms and or coloured pipe cleaners. It's often nice to make a few different ones. So for example, fill one bag with chopped up pipe cleaners and the other with pom-poms.

*If you do have food colouring, now is the time to add a few splashes.

4) Now add water, I would fill it about 1/3 full, you don't want it to balloon.

5) Very carefully, seal the top. First of all, making sure all the air is out of the bag and hold the bag against the ironing board to be pressed.

6) Give the bag a shake and a squeeze, making sure there are no leaks! If you have used a small bottle, tape of super glue around the lid to avoid removal!

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Stay tuned for Wednesdays Youtube post:

Weekend Nannies Presents - Music sessions with Alice Phelps 'Down in the Jungle'

Click here to watch last week's 'It's a Pirate Life' music session and if you really enjoy it, please pop some change into Alice's music box via the link in bio.

Have fun and stay home!

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