Let's Get Creative! Week 6: Magical Creatures & where to find them

I hope everyone has had another good week in lock-down and managing to find lots of fun activities and 'daily walk' adventures to help you and the children cope with what is going on and to have a break from the challenges you face with home-schooling!

For this weeks theme I have been looking back at some old favourite books (and films) for inspiration, with the top three being Narnia, Harry Potter and Where the Wild Things are. I'm sure everyone has read The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe and know's what happens to Lucy when she steps through that wardrobe? Imagine what it would be like right now to have another world to escape and self isolate in, completely oblivious to the craziness that is happening around us - meeting mystical creatures and going on wild adventures!? With fantasy in mind, for week 6 we are going to explore, "Magical Creatures and where to find them!" Scroll down to find out what unicorn, fairy, monster and troll activities we have to share!

Every week, I look through Pinterest and visit various blogs for ideas and create boards to share with families and nannies who are currently at home with children. This week, I have visited an old favourite, Red Ted Art, a fantastic portal for all things arts and crafts! As a nanny I have used Red Ted Art for years, as Maggy's activities are always a popular favourite with the kids I have taken care of. Click here to visit her blog page.

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Make your own Box Troll!

Every fantasy film has a great troll! As you may have noticed, I love a good toilet roll craft and I think it's safe to say you don't often run out of toilet rolls to craft with, so they are always a good go to!

Click here, to find out how to make this fantastic Red Ted Art's Box Troll!

Poppy Troll Pinata!

As well as providing temporary nanny services for weekends, holidays and events, I also provide activity packs, creative craft areas and bespoke pinata's! Including this wedding cake and Poppy Troll pinata I made!! You can find out the basics on how to make them here, or contact me if you would like a bespoke pinata at your next child-friendly wedding or event.

Wedding Photo credit: Jenny Maden Photography.

If your children are big fans of The Trolls and you're looking for other Troll themed activities, please click over to Weekend Nannies Pinterest page for inspiration.

Fairies and Unicorns

All things unicorns and fairies will forever remind me of Summer 2018, where I spent 6 weeks working for a family in Ibiza and sailing with them along the Amalfi coast line. Myself and the girls would spend hours making different wooden spoon fairy puppets, unicorns and lots more!

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Red Ted Art have lots of lovely fairy and unicorn crafts to

share with you.

Click to find out how to make Unicorn Peg Doll Fairies from clothes pegs & Woodland Fairies out of leaves and flowers found on your daily walk. We also have lots more fairy crafts on WN's Pinterest board, including my favourites: How to make a magical fairy garden & wooden spoon fairies. Take a visit and let us know if you have tried one out via the pin!

What girl doesn't love unicorns? There are so many lovely unicorn crafts out there, so I chose a few favourites, including a couple from my pinterest which I always love to make when looking after children. Click below to learn how to make a unicorn puppet and share your photo with Weekend Nannies & Red Ted Art when you do! I made my Unicorn marionette out of a bottles, toilet rolls covered with shiny paper and paper cups for the hoofs!

Here are more unicorn activities we have to share:

Toilet Roll Unicorn Marionette

Handprint Unicorn

Paper Plate Unicorn

Who's afraid of Monsters!?

We love monsters in our house!

Stress ball Monsters!

Anyone who was once a Brownie will remember making juggling balls out of balloons and rice? Yes?! Red Ted Art have shared a great activity quite similar, but they are monster stress balls! I think a lot of children (and parents) will benefit from making ones of these at the moment! Click the photo to learn how to make one.

Squash Monsters!

I'm sure we have all consumed A LOT of tea, wine and squash during these weeks at home, so your recycling will be overflowing! Why not make a 'squash monster' from the bottles? Red Ted Art have shared their activity over on the blog.

Have fun, stay safe!

I hope you have a fun week making these crafts and if you'd like to see more activities, please visit out Pinterest board: 'Week 6 - Magical Creatures and where to find them' _______________________________________________________________

Baby sensory activities

As a nanny, I used to love making baby sensory bags and bottles, they are really easy to make as long as you have the resources!

If you are looking for baby sensory inspiration and other ideas for older children, visit Sophie Pickles Facebook page, where she shares lots of lovely activities and also hosts Facebook Live's for parents at home with babies. If only I had a baby to look after I would be joining too!

Here's how I make my Sensory bags!

What you need:

Hot iron

Tea towel

Laminate sheets or zip-lock bag

Sharpie pens

Small plastic bottles

Coloured pom-poms

Coloured pipe cleaners


These are really easy to make, you just need to make sure they're sealed properly! I often use a bit of food colouring to make them a nice colour, but as supermarkets have limited stock at the moment, I've stuck with simple H20!

1) Decide what you would like to use to fill your sensory bag or bottle with. If you're making these with a toddler, it could be fun to do it together.

*Just make sure whatever you use is water resistant, coloured cellophane for example dyes the water!

2) With a hot iron, press around the edges of the laminate sheet, making sure the open end doesn't get sealed. Please take note of the photo below, I lined up the edge of the tea towel with the laminate sheet so I knew where the edge was. (The first time I pressed the whole sheet flat!!) Alternatively, you can use a zip lock bag and strong tape to make sure it stays sealed.

* You an always re-press if any water droplets do leak out!

3) Now your bag is ready to fill with coloured pom-poms and or coloured pipe cleaners. It's often nice to make a few different ones. So for example, fill one bag with chopped up pipe cleaners and the other with pom-poms.

*If you do have food colouring, now is the time to add a few splashes.

4) Now add water, I would fill it about 1/3 full, you don't want it to balloon.

5) Very carefully, seal the top. First of all, making sure all the air is out of the bag and hold the bag against the ironing board to be pressed.

6) Give the bag a shake and a squeeze, making sure there are no leaks! If you have used a small bottle, tape of super glue around the lid to avoid removal!

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Stay tuned for Wednesdays Youtube post:

Weekend Nannies Presents - Music sessions with Alice Phelps 'Magical Creatures and where to find them'

Click here to watch last week's 'Down in the Jungle' music session and if you really enjoy it, please pop some change into 'Alice's music box' via the link in bio.

Have fun and stay home!

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