Weekend Nannies Presents: Music sessions with Alice Phelps

I am very excited to be able to share the news that my beautifully talented friend Alice is going to be sharing weekly music sessions with Weekend Nannies, to fit our weekly themes.

Grab your shakers, scarves and best singing voices and get ready for a fun and interactive music session via our You-tube channel.

Alice is a Manchester based musician who studied and worked in Leeds and became a part of 'Made with Music', an early years charity run music group in Leeds, where she developed as an early years musical entertainer! As well as being a talented string player, Alice is also training to be a music leader for 'Orchestra live' and day-to-day runs a local string instrument repair service

For now, please join Alice and the rest of the Weekend Nannies team for a good sing-song!

If you would like further details of any of her services, please contact Weekend Nannies for more information and thanks once again to Alice's good friends Made with Music.

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