What is the best style of parenting?

I don't have enough fingers and toes to tell you the amount of times I have been asked this question.

The answer is, there is absolutely NO 'best' way of parenting! The truth is, do whatever suits your family, as there is honestly no such thing as being the best! From baby led weaning to home-schooling - I have seen nearly every parenting style and all I can say is choose whatever suits you and your family and go with it! Different styles suit different people and this goes for the parent and the child. Children also develop at different stages and with this comes different emotions and responses. You have to be open for change and have the ability to adapt without worrying too much about whether or not you're doing it right or wrong.

"The second you think you've nailed parenting, their needs change and you've got to change (again)!" Claire Hurst, local Mum of two.

The latest baby book may say to 'wean' in a certain way, but you find this doesn't suit your baby, don't worry. It's just not right for you. You have tried and tested it but this doesn't mean you have failed. This goes for every challenge you may face as a parent and there will be so many! Over the years, it has upset me to hear clients and close friends worrying and getting upset about their parenting style, comparing and doubting their ability. As a Nanny, looking in on numerous different parent styles and family needs, what I do know is every parent aims to be patient, tolerant and to never lose their temper, but real life simply doesn't work in that way.

Before Weekend Nannies was formed, I worked as a travelling nanny under the name of 'Charlotte Clay Childcare' for almost a decade and lived in various households around the world. From families who have hired me as a luxury item, to being part of an elite boat crew - I have taken care of A LOT of children and lived in a lot of households!! As a nanny, we integrate into different family settings and take care of children of all ages. We offer advice and guidance when needed, but generally we are lead by parents and adapt to their style of parenting.

I have worked with children who are as good as gold without any disciplining at all, to other children who don't know how to sit at a dinner table! Every child comes with different challenges. Parenting is not black and white and and there is no book or blog that will teach you how to be the best because according to your child, you are always simply the best!

For me, the parents who seemed to enjoy it most were those who had the most settled children. I wonder if it’s these parents who accept their journey isn’t a straight line? Parenting is an incredible mix of utter joy, complete fear, tiredness, the unknown and the ability to accept perfectly imperfect parenting. 

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