Our wedding, event and emergency childcare costs

We offer everything from pop-up wedding creches to wedding favours for your smallest guests! What we provide at every wedding, party or event is different, so it’s easiest for us to give you an accurate quote if you contact us and tell us more about exactly what you need.


If you’re not sure if you want a dinosaur themed kids zone for 30 or just a host of nannies to babysit after the kids are all danced out, don’t worry! Our experienced team can talk you through all the options, then give you a better idea of how much each would cost.


Our weekend, evening babysitting and emergency childcare costs vary depending on how experienced the nanny is, how many children need looking after - when and where. Rates range from £9 to £25 per hour and a single overnight rate starts from around £150 per day. Please get in touch to get a personalised quote.

If the nanny is travelling at long distance to your location, travel costs may apply. 

Find out more about wedding childcare costs and wedding babysitting prices, as well as prices for other parties, events or emergency childcare.