We offer a weekend childcare service across Yorkshire for when you and your other half are in need of a child-free weekend away, but struggle finding childcare. 

Weekend Nannies

We know that a lot of parents don't have family near by and struggle with childcare, especially over the weekend. When was the last time you and your partner had a child-free weekend away, had the flexibility to stay overnight at an event, or do you worry that your parents are getting too old to have the children for a long weekend?

Our weekend nannies can step into your family home and make sure your children have a tailor-made, fun packed weekend so you can go away with your partner feeling guilt-free. Your children and their nanny will either meet face-to-face or via video chat before the booking, so they are familiar with each other and the children can have the opportunity to plan with their nanny what they would like to do over the weekend whilst you're away.

If you wish, the weekend will start with after school pick-up on the Friday and you will come home to happy children on the Sunday, who have been well looked after, fed and best of all - the dreaded home work completed and the uniforms washed and ironed ready for Monday morning. If you are really lucky, the kids may have baked you a surprise, or helped cook you a Sunday dinner!

This bespoke child-care service can be arranged by special request for families in the Yorkshire area. 

If you would like to talk in more detail about booking a weekend nanny, you can call us on 077477 286 971 at any time (day or night) and we’ll do our best to help.